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Office Relocation Letter

James Anderson,


Anderson Finance Consultancy Inc,



June 04, 2010

To All Employees,

Anderson Finance Consultancy Inc,

Sub- Relocation of Office

Due to increasing number of employees and congestion of the current office and taking in due consideration the grievances of our several employees, the management of the company has ultimately decided to relocate the office of the company from its current place in Apple Valley to its new place in Baldwin Park.

The new place of the office will have enough space so that the employees do not feel any kind of congestion and it is located in an open area because which employees will have feeling openness.

However, the current location would still the main office of the company where top management will sit. The middle and lower level employees of the company need to report in new office from this June 10.

We hope that our employees will like the new place and will improve their performance due to more extent of openness.

Thanking You,



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