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Nursing Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great honor that I recommend Mr. Friedrich Bass as a staff nurse in your fine medical institution.

Mr. Bass has passed the State Nursing Licensure Exam and has worked as a staff nurse in our primary hospital for the past two years. Mr. Bass has proven to possess the knowledge and the ability to execute basic nursing duties and responsibilities included in the scope of nursing practice.

Mr. Bass has adequate experience in handling people from various walks of life, constantly dealing with patients from different gender, ethnicities and religious, social, economic, racial and political background. Mr. Bass is known to work well under pressure and maintain calmness and functionality under emergencies. Mr. Bass is experienced in cooperating and collaborating with various members of the health care team and in creating competent and effective nursing care plans.

I believe that Mr. Bass can benefit greatly from the career growth and broader range of opportunities that can be offered by being a part of a tertiary hospital. I believe that your institution can likewise benefit from his exceptional skill, diligence, reliability and trustworthiness.


Karyl Morano-Anderson

Head Nurse, Mercy Hospital

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