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Nanny Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

You were looking for a nanny to take care of your child whenever you are out. I am in close friendship with Mrs. Jane Saunders, a person who is very trustworthy and capable of taking care of kids with the same love and tenderness that a mother could give to her child. She has been taking care of her own kids when they were very young. Her children grew up to fend for themselves, took up a day job taking care of her neighbor’s children.

Mrs. Saunders and I became friends several years ago and I had the opportunity to know her well. With such personal knowledge, I recommend her to you. I know she will take care of your child and nothing in her character will put your child to harm.

I hope my recommendation will ease the burden of searching for the right surrogate mother for your child. If you feel this to be inadequate, feel free to look for one that would fit your preferences. I will be sending her to you with her credentials so you could decide more decisively on the issue.


Taylor Dean


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