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Nice Break up Letter

Some notes to include about writing a break up letter includes keeping it straight to the point and simple. The simpler the letter, the better your girlfriend or boyfriend will take the message. In writing a break up letter, make sure to have a nicer approach in order to soften the blow.

Dear Sam,

First, I would like to tell you that I have very much enjoyed our year of being together. It is with a heavy and sad heart that I inform you that it is over. I feel the need for our relationship to end this way. Both of us know the exact reason on why I have to break-up with you. Focusing on my career is my priority right now. I have been waiting for this promotion for quite a long time and I cannot let love cut my opportunities loose

Off all the amazing things that I will miss about you, I will especially miss our afternoon strolls in the park. It is my wish and desire that we remain as good friends. I know you need some time to adjust to this situation, but please know that I am always here for you. Thank you for the love that you have shared with me.



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