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Maternity Leave Letter

Gabriel Black

13, Victoria Apartments

New Jersey

23rd October, 2007.


Mr. Rupert Wolfe


XYZ Company

New York

Ref: Application for Maternity Leave

Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I am herewith applying for maternity leave from 1st November, as the doctors have confirmed that my baby may be due anytime in the first week of November.

As per the company rules and regulations I am also enclosing the Maternity application form along with the doctor’s certificate confirming the relevant details.

I shall be able to resume duties, providing all goes well, from the first week of January.  I have submitted the Project update and my team is quite capable of handling the projects in my absence.

I have also given my email id and contact numbers to the HR department as well as my Team members, so that they can reach me at any time, if need be.

I look forward to your approval and sanction of my maternity leave.

Thanking You,


Gabriel Black

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