Proposal Letter

Marriage Proposal Letter

My Lovely Lady,

Good day honey!

I write to you because I would like to express my undying and unconditional love. It is this love that keeps me going to this wonderful life. It is this love that I have conquered all the obstacles in my life and it is this love that brings me closer and deeper to you.

How chaotic and valueless is my life without you. You are the purpose of my living, the reason of my morning and the hope of my evening. You are the blossom flower of my garden, the white clouds in my heaven and the warm fire in my winter. My day is dull and plain without seeing your smile in the morning. My night is cold and dreary without hearing your voice which is fairy and glossy. How wonderful it is to express my love to you every day.

To end my dreaming I want to put it into reality. Will you marry me?

Forever loving you,


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