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Marketing Proposal Letter

Iota Company Ltd


08 March 2010

Dear Mrs. Mathew,

I would want to appreciate for your amazing idea of coming up with a music school. I must say it is an amazing means to bring in the best talent from different parts of the country. We at Iota come as one such marketing firm that supports such ideas and helps in making them bigger and bigger every day. As a marketing firm, we try to bring your music school one step closer to the people, so that they notice your existence and also the services that you are ready to provide them. Mediums like newspapers, radio, bill boards, television and internet are used. These means are used to hit the right target audiences. As you know newspapers is something that 90% of households hold every day. The internet and television are also popular means that people rely upon.

We at Iota ensure that we get you more than what you have asked for.

Iota Marketing Firm,


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