Marketing Letters

Marketing Letter Template

Sender’s Address and/ or email address


Receiver’s Address, usually in the following format

Full Name


Company Name

Physical Address

City, State

Salutation is to be done in the following manner:

Dear Mr. /Ms. Name: or Sir/Madam,

The letter is introduced by the means of a reference.


The body of the letter is considered as one the most important part of the letter. You should make sure that the language used is simple. It should not be too much in detail; importance should be given to the points that are discussed in the letter.

The first paragraph should hold information based on the purpose. The purpose should be well placed. The next paragraphs however showcase more on the request part.

The last paragraph highlights the purpose again in just few words. The end should be pleasing, wherein you have to thank the reader for considering your request.

The closing should sound like:

Yours truly,

Your name

Name of your organization/ company

A signature marks the end of a business letter

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