Letter Writings

Letter Writing Tips

Below are some tips for writing a letter:

  1. The following are the areas that you should concentrate on when it comes to grammar:
    • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
    • Conjunctions
    • Prepositions
    • Nouns
    • Verbs
    • Homophones
  2. Using the proper punctuations will also help the reader know the meaning of each sentence.
    • Apostrophe
    • Colon and semicolon
    • Dash
    • Exclamation point
    • Parentheses
    • Question mark
    • Brackets
    • Comma
    • Ellipsis dots
    • Hyphen
    • Period
    • Quotation marks
  3. You should also watch the capitalization of your words.
  4. Depending on the type of letter that you will write, you should choose the right letter format. Here are some letter formats that you can choose from:
    • Block style
    • Semi-block style
    • Indented style
    • Memorandum style
    5. Below is the standard structure that you should have for you letters:
  • Address heading
  • Date
  • Inside address
  • Attention
  • Greeting
  • Subject line
  • Body
  • Closing
  • Signature
  • Postscript
  • Notation
6. Lastly, you should address important people with their titles.
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