Letter of Intents

Letter of intent to sue

Sample Letter of intent to sue

Mary Brown

45, Frankenstein

Florida 89876


Date: 25-05-2010

Dear Ted Lawson

I, the undersigned, am a resident of Frankenstein. If you remember we have met during the small car accident that we faced due to your irresponsibility. It was your car that hit mine and not the other way round. I was careful while taking a reverse near the parking area. It was you who could not see my car and ended up hitting the car badly. The rear bonnet and window pane is broken, which I couldn’t clear with you that day due to the hassle. And now after a day of the accident I intend to sue you for the same. I also spoke to my lawyer regarding the accident. And he will be sending a sue letter along with this mail duly signed by me. You have to either pay me $2578 which was the exact cost of the damage happened or get my car repaired or serviced at a well known car service shop which is mandatory.


Mary Brown

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