Letter of Intents

Letter of intent to purchase

Sample Letter of intent to purchase

Davis Magnol

45-east pathway


Phoenix, AZ 87689


Shelley Mc gonogoll

432 E, Tucson 87898




Dear Ms Shelley

After the discussion we had on Saturday our company has decided to purchase your products in bulk. We are happy to inform you that your software products are faring extremely well in the market and will be of great advantage to our company. Make sure the products are registered and sealed and tested before we buy them. The management information systems are of great help to the company since our legacy products are finding it difficult to analyze and infer. The systems have slowed down due to wear and tear. The inference engine has become less efficient due to which the total output has decreased. We therefore intend to purchase the new MIS next Wednesday after meeting you in person, especially the EIS, DSS and DVS from your organization at an economic price. Kindly furnish the datasheet and the manual beforehand without fail. Looking forward to a positive response, do the needful and oblige.



Davis Magnol

[MIS executive]

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