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Letter Of Intent for Promotion

Dear Mr. Cobblestone,

I am writing this letter to convey my desire to be chosen for the position of general manager. I have worked for the company for ten years as supervisor and I have been consistently included on the best performers list.

If I will be chosen as the general manager, I intend to focus more of my energy and attention to furthering the goals and objectives. I can do this by organizing the staff so that they will be able to concentrate more on each task, and by introducing changes in the company structure which will allow it to maximize its operating cost and at the same time maximizing the profits earned.

Should I be required to submit to further interviews, I am very willing to do so. I am submitting this letter of intent to let the company know of the actions I will take if I will be promoted to a higher position. I am willing to submit a business plan outlining my proposals.

Thank you.


Jack Cosmos

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