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Letter Asking For Donations

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Williams,

Good day!

I write to you because I would like to ask for any donation that you could extend for our annual gift giving to the charities and the street children. We know that you also love to take part in this kind of charitable works and we would like to grab this opportunity by asking for your financial donation.

Any amount will be appreciated very much by our organization. It will be a great help for us to buy gifts to cover for these entire young and neglected children. We have made a program and activities for them before the gift giving ceremony. If you wish to take part with this meaningful event, we are glad to accept your presence too.

Let us share our wealth for the joy of these children. We do hope that this would merit your preferential attention. Thank you very much in advance and God Bless!

Truly yours,

Ms. Penny Mills

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