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To Whom It May Concern:

I am Tyrone Chandler, a very dedicated student of journalism from Northern Arizona University. I have been devoted to the subject since first taking an introductory course in high school. I love to write and I love learning how to write more efficiently. I think that the communications classes I have taken at the university have taught me some of the most helpful skills and techniques I will ever learn.

Last academic year, I was the recipient of the Scripps News Editorial scholarship for $1,200. I am currently a writer for the Arts and Entertainment section of The Lumberjack. I have had the opportunity to write stories about upcoming NAU and community events such as Flagstaff’s monthly Movies on the Square and the NAU Theatre productions of “You’re A Good Man” and “Charlie Brown” among others. Writing for the publication has allowed me to put my education to work by applying it to real life journalism, which is not only fun and thrilling but an incredible opportunity.

In my career, I hope to prove my knowledge of communication based on my education while also harboring a desire for new knowledge based on my own experiences. I would love to be able to call myself a successful journalist, with a tool belt of knowledge and experience that I might be able to share with others. When I sit in my journalism classes and watch my instructors, seasoned journalists, relay the stories they worked on and the challenges and fortunes they met, I wish nothing more than to have some of my own stories to share.

Journalism is changing every minute; it has suddenly become so much more accessible, versatile and competitive in the past few years that it is intimidating but also incredibly exciting. My career could potentially contribute to altering journalism in important ways, which is exactly the effect I hope my career will have on my communication field.


Tyrone Chandler

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