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Some people find it very hard to write a recommendation letter since not all people are that good in writing skills. A recommendation letter on the other hand is very important especially in referring people to employers or other kinds of institutions. For that reason, some people hire a private secretary in order to generate a unique recommendation letter.

A recommendation letter can be done by a letter generator who emphasizes on corporate or business letters. A secretary is one kind of professional who has the skills in creating recommendation letters. Some people may think that a recommendation letter is very hard to generate but the truth is, this kind of letter is very easy to generate. All a person has to do is just write a simple letter recommending a person to another person or group of persons.

A letter generator is not that hard to find since this can also be found on the Internet or in the Microsoft Word Wizard. Some websites on the Internet offer letter generators while several websites provide recommendation letter samples in which can be used as a draft or a pattern in creating a unique recommendation letter.

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