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GRE Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am endorsing this recommendation to you as a means of increasing Mr. Peter Shaw’s chances of passing your graduate school admission.

I know that Graduate record exam is a test for measuring the quantitative and verbal reasoning and analytical writing skills of an individual and nothing in his exam results will show that he is not qualified to take a graduate school course.

He has been a consistent honor student in his undergraduate studies and has shown extraordinary diligence in pursuing his academic goals. I know him personally to be a man of good conduct, soft spoken and was never involved in any trouble. He is a good private citizen who knows how to respect the law and the importance of obeying it. I have made this recommendation because I want to endorse him and not because he asked me to do it.

I hope that my honest opinion of him will help him with his personal dealings with your prestigious educational institution. Since an in-depth assessment of him is in order, he has his credentials ready for your perusal and consequent judgment.


John Wooden Jr.

Certified Public Accountant

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