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Inquiry Letter Format


Janice Wang,

New York 56332


Arnold William,

Deep Shore Drilling Co.,

New York 56778

Dear Mr. Arnold,

I am Janice Wang working as a consultant for projects in petrochemical sector.  I have gone through your website and came to know that you have successfully completed mega projects for which petrochemical sector was major contribution to your business needs.  I, therefore, wish to inquire about possible requirement for your upcoming projects in the above-said sector.  If you have any particular requirement for ongoing projects, it would be of great interest to me to provide the necessary consultation for completing it without any delays, financial loss, meeting deadlines, etc.

You will definitely have a positive result out of my consultation once you tell me the exact requirement for any given project since I have an expertise in this field for many years.  Therefore, I would like to know your stand and viewpoints towards my inquiry at the earliest.  There are many ways to get involved in such business considering that there is a constant need for such industry to grow.

Yours Sincerely,

Janice Wang

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