Inquiry Letters

Inquiry Letter Example


Timothy Shin,

St. George Institute of Medical Practice

New York 56004


Raymond Hench,

Wisconsin 53094

Dear Mr. Raymond,

I am, Timothy Shin, from St. George Institute of Medical Practice, would like to get inquiry about certain facts of a person which has been involved in a mega project which is underway with our institute and is of prime importance to the country for security reasons.

Though there are other ways by which I can have more details but the relevant information about that person would be made available by you only since you have worked with him for a long time and have been involved in critical projects.  I, therefore, assume that you will definitely help me in this matter for a possible breakthrough.

We will be thankful to you since you would not only help us solve the possible threat it may pose, but also will lead us in the project which may face the onset of dismantling if required information is not received from you in time.

Yours Sincerely,

Timothy Shin

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