Resignation Letters

Humorous Resignation Letter


Mr Cameroon,

Junior manager


Mr Smith,


IHY shopping complex

Dear Mr Smith,

I, Mr Cameroon, hereby, put forward my resignation plea to you for the post of junior manager. There are many reasons for the untimely resignation plea. The first and the foremost reason for my resignation is the location of my cabin. The cabin is exactly between the kitchen and the loo. If the kitchen stops producing the irritating sound then it is the constant flushing sound which pesters me and I am not able to concentrate on my work.

Besides this, some of the staff working under me never listens to my dictations and they always make fun of my bald nature. It becomes an immense nuisance to suffer all these things. They have even crafted some alternative names for me, which I am investigating. I just wish to be free from the job. Please accept my resignation. The only alternative left is to give me resignation or some authority.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Cameroon

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