Promotion Letters

How To Write A Promotion Letter

When you feel that you already deserve to be promoted, it is best to let your superiors know by writing them a letter of promotion. Below are tips that you need to know when writing this type of letter:

  • Start your letter by thanking your boss for all the opportunities and growth that he has given you. Tell him that you have enjoyed serving the company and enhancing your skills but you feel that you are now up for a greater challenge.
  • You can also state in your opening paragraph that you are interested for a current job opening within the company.
  • For the middle paragraph, discuss all of your achievements that have proved to be an asset to the company. Stating the years that you have worked for the company will also help you get their attention. Write about the skills and experience that you have that will help you earn the promotion that you deserve.
  • You can also mention significant people in the company that have witnessed your growth. Make sure that these people are willing to give recommendations when asked.

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