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How to Write a Professional Appeal Letter

Appeal letters are written by individuals or groups to make a petition about something that they do not agree on. For example, their insurance claim was denied due to incomplete documents that were lost by the receiving agent of the company.

Below are some tips that you should not forget when writing an appeal letter:

  1. The first paragraph should contain an introduction of yourself and your plea. You should also write how the reader will be able to help you.
  2. Make sure to address the letter to a particular person to give it more impact.
  3. Do not be emotional. Discuss the facts of your plea immediately, briefly, and logically to convince them. To be logical is to be clear with your interest in the matter.
  4. Do not make your letter sound as if you are forcing them to accept your request. Be as polite as you can be.
  5. Remember to use your professional designation so that they will know your credentials and will take you seriously. A letterhead is also recommended.
  6. Thank the reader for the time they have given to read your letter.

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