Friendship Letters

How to Write a Friendship Letter

Friendship letters are probably the most common types of letters sent. To make these letters more special, here are a few tips on how to write a good friendship letter.

1.Consider the level of your friendship – Make sure that your content fits the level of your friendship. If your friendship is not that deep, quit using very emotional words that may look inappropriate.

2.Sincerity shows through – A friendship letter must be heartfelt and sincere. Mention your friend’s name in the letter as often as needed.

3.Write it yourself – Hiring someone else to write the letter for you simply would not work. If you write the letter yourself, then you can freely express your gratitude and feelings toward your friend.

4.Be free to be creative – Remember that you are writing a friendship letter and not a letter of application. Feel free to put in a little creativity into your work. Your friend will surely appreciate the extra effort that you put in the task.

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