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How to Write a Breakup Letter

Breakup letters may have been made to handle breakups painlessly, effortlessly. It’s the easiest way to handle a breakup but rest assured, it should leave a huge mess behind. So if you plan of being friends with the person in the future, you should take the high road and tell them in person.

But if you insist of telling it on a letter, here are a couple of useful guidelines that you should bear in mind.

Don’t write your whole love story in it. Don’t tell them you love them or how you once loved them. Short but precise is the way to go. Don’t go on beating the bushes. Surely, no one would want to be reading a letter like this, so be sure to keep it under a page if you can.

Don’t say words like “I will miss you” or anything like it for that matter. Make sure they get your message and understand that your relationship is over.

If you succeed in doing these things, you should be fine. For insurance purposes, in some cases that have been far out of hand and abusive, consider moving away for a while until your ex-partner relaxes. This kind of thing often causes bottled up emotions to break out.

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