Holiday Letters

Holiday Invitation Letter


Bob Marley,

34 Jack Muffin Road

Metropolis City, New Jersey 9645

Dated: 2nd of April 2012

Subject: Invitation to join us for a holiday

Dear Bob,

This letter is to inform you that I am taking a vacation with two of my friends in the Hawaiian Islands and would like to invite you for the holiday. Our holiday trip begins from 10th of April and ends on 15th of April 2012.

The reason for taking the holiday is that I have realized after working for continuously on a project for three months, I need a break. I assume that you must also be having terrible work pressure so I thought it would be great for you if you could take a break too. It will be just a five day holiday plan which will help you to bring down the stress level.

I would be really happy if you will accept my invitation.


Noel Jones

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