Holiday Letters

Holiday Cancellation Letter


Brett Lee

Sales Executive

Gas Garments Limited

34 Yankee Doodle Street

Carolina, North Dakota 4589

Dated: 1st of May 2012

Subject: Cancellation of holiday

Dear Brett,

This is to inform you that the holiday you had applied for and was granted has to be cancelled now. You had applied for a five day holiday starting from 10th of May 2012.

Currently as per the orders from the higher management the sales target has been increased. Above that we did not meet the required sales target last month. This month, in order to meet the revised sales target we would require all out team members.  You being a part of the sales team, it is compulsory for you to be there at office. As a result we have to cancel your holidays.

I hope you understand the situation we are in and fine with the cancellation of your leave.

Thanking you,

Nash Green

Sales Manager

Gas Garments Limited

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