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High School Student Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I, the principal of Manchester High in New York, compose this letter of recommendation for a former student of my school, Mr. Tyrone James.

I have known Mr. James for four years. I therefore believe that I am in a good position to compose this letter of recommendation for Mr. James.

From my experience with Mr. James, I can say that he is indeed a model student. He earns good grades and accomplishes school requirements and projects diligently. Despite his top performance in the classroom setting, Mr. James also finds time for leading the school’s football team. He is also a writer in the school paper’s sports column.

Mr. James is also active in school politics. For four straight years, he has held the position of Public Information Officer. Mr. James has established credibility and trustworthiness among his peers and the members of the staff. He has influenced the lives of many students with through his good leadership skills and his good examples.

I hope that this letter will aid greatly in formulating your decision of accepting Mr. James in your university.


Ms. Isla Fischer, Principal, Manchester

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