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Guidance Counselor Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Joseph Estevez for admission in your university. As his guidance counselor for 4 years, I have been a witness to his growth both in academics, interpersonal relationship and in extra-curricular activities.

Mr. Estevez is intelligent, compassionate and well rounded. His grades have consistently been above average in all his courses, and he has actively participated in different extra-curricular activities that have piqued his interests. He is a member of our school’s marching band and has been widely praised for his talent in playing the drum.

Mr. Estevez has also spent his time on community work. He is a member of the local community Red Cross and he regularly participates on several outreach programs in our community.

Joseph Estevez has also displayed extreme determination in following his goals to fruition. He is considered by both students and teachers alike to be a student to be emulated.

It is my firm belief that Joseph Estevez will have no trouble adjusting in your school. I fully recommend him and wish him success in all his future endeavors in your school.


Gustav Arroyo

Guidance Counselor

University of Houston

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