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Health Insurance Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. Roach,

Sir, I write to you to make an appeal in dismissing my health insurance claim. This is not to dishonor your reputation and your decision but to enforce my right as a legitimate policyholder. I do believe that I am entitled to receive my health insurance benefits according to the terms written in the policy signed by both of us.

I am certain that the terms written in the policy are clear that it leaves no room for interpretation. I have double checked it and consult the services of a lawyer and knew upon reading them that indeed I am entitled to my health insurance benefit.

This may be just an acceptable error in your part or a lapse in judgment however, I would like to make an immediate result as I badly need financial resources to cover my medical expenses which is the very purpose of why I take health insurance in your company.

I do hope that this will merit your preferential attention otherwise it will leave me no option but to bring this case to proper legal authority. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Shawn Young.

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