Hardship Letters

Hardship Letter To The Bank


Tim Roth

Branch Head

JP Morgan Banking Limited

45 York Shire Drive

New Land, Iowa 7321

Dated: 23rd of March 2012

Respected Mr. Roth,

This letter is in regards to the minimum balance that I am unable to maintain in the savings account number 23908 that I have with your bank. I am through few financial hardships due to which I am facing this problem.

As per the savings account that I have with your bank I have to maintain a minimum balance of $5000. But, as my business is going through a terrible phase I can need liquid cash at any moment. As a result I am unable to use the liquid cash to maintain my minimum balance.

I would request you to take my hardship into consideration and relieve me of the interest amount that I have to pay due to non maintenance of minimum balance.


Garry Lawyer

Account number: 23908



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