Hardship Letters

Hardship Letter To College


John Woo

Head Dean

London College of Business

234 West Side Road

New York, New Jersey 3456

Dated: 6th of April 2012

Respected Mr. Dean,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the financial hardships that I am going through due to which I am unable to pay my college fees.

Though I am a student, I am also the sole bread earner of my family which consists of my mother and my kid sister.  I was working at a local restaurant which has shut down recently. As a result I am currently jobless.  If you go by my previous records you will find that I have always paid my fees on time.

I am requesting you to consider my hardship and allow me to continue my classes. I assure you that as soon as I get a job I will pay my fees.


Nick Carter

3rd Year

Bachelors in business administration



Hardship Letters

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