Grievance Letters

Grievance letter example

George Bond

22769 Three Notch Road,

California, MD 20619 US

Phone: 1-800-422-1230

The Manger

Freeze Zone

44941 Wort Lane

California, MD 20619 US


Sub: Complaint against defective refrigerator.

Dear Mr. Donald,

On Friday, the 12 August 2002, I bought a refrigerator of model 0123PN from your franchise located in Worth Lane, California.

After reaching home when I run the machine for the first time I found that the automatic defrosting process is not working properly. Also the motor inside the refrigerator makes loud noise while working.

I would like to request you to send one of your staff from customer care service section to take a look at these problems.

Please consider this as an urgent case and take necessary action as soon as possible. Reply to this the complaint along with complaint number so that I can save it for future use.

Thanking you in anticipation.


George Bond.

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