Grievance Letters

Grievance Appeal Letter


Manager- Human Resource Department

Chang & Company Pvt. Ltd

Dear Patrick,

I am writing this Grievance Appeal Letter on the behalf of Employee Association based on my previous letters regarding the new employee’s irregular timings during their training and change in shifts in the company. The newly appointed employees are not coming on time for the training.

In the working hours, new employees sit and chat, misbehave and disturb the senior employees. You do not work up to the mark and your monthly performance reports show low individual outcome.  Understand your role and responsibilities in the work place. Learn to improve your reputation and your chances for success in your job by being punctual and sincere at work.

This is your final warning. So please take necessary steps to control the situation. Remember that time management in the work place is the key determinant of your career success.

Thanks and Regards,

Charles Good

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