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Michael Clark


Wordsworth University

432/15A, Glendale

Phoenix, AZ 89709


Dear Michael Clark

I the undersigned am a graduate in Literature and would like to continue my studies in your esteemed institution. I came across this newspaper advertisement that admissions for literature students are open in words worth university and I find myself eligible for the same. I have many write ups of my own and am proficient in the literature subject. I am a blogger too and many of my blogs have been selected for Best blogger award. I have specialized in writing Sonnets and Novels. I was also awarded as the best poet from the website and few of my poems have been published on the net.

I have also heard that Wordsworth University has opened mime classes enacting the Sonnets; I would like to be a part of the community, kindly furnish me the details. I would be a great asset to your institution. Do the needful and oblige.

Yours faithfully



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