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67/80, Mesa

Phoenix, AZ 85706


Richard University

Institute of science

Richard Gary

435/E, Drachmann

Phoenix, AZ 86757


Dear Richard

I the undersigned am sending my curriculum vitae along with this mail for applying to the position of admission counselor in your institute. I have worked as a counselor before in Michigan University. I am good at communication and interpersonal skills and have trained many students applying for foreign universities. I believe I emanate spirit and enthusiasm amongst students.

I am also a member of core community where I motivate and inspire people to take up different army based institutions. I was offered a bulky amount for my works in Michigan University. I can personally counsel students, handle them individually and inspire them to take up suitable courses. I am a hard worker and extremely good at my skills. If you find me capable for the job then please accept my CV and oblige.

Yours sincerely



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