Goodbye Letters

Goodbye Love Letter


Mary John

York Shire Apartments

45 York Shire road

Brooklyn City, New Jersey 4589

Dated: 2nd of March 2012

Dear Mary,

I feel strange writing this letter as I am doing so to bid you goodbye.  There are reasons why I have to bid you goodbye.

I have always loved you and you will always be my first love. But there are situations in life when we have to take practical decisions. I am going away to a different country. It will be impossible for us to continue our relationship like this.

It saddens me a lot every time I have to tell you goodbye. I hope destiny brings us back together in future. There will always be a place in my heart where I will remember you. I would like to wish you all the best for your future and may god bless you with whatever you want.

Yours love,

Larry King

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