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Good Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I consider it a privilege and a pleasure to be in the position to write this letter of recommendation for my design student, Mr. Mikael Mizrahi. Mr. Mizrahi has been my student in the Parson’s School of Design for the past two years.

Among Mr. Mizrahi’s noteworthy skills as a design student is his eye for color and his familiarity with the curves and nature of the woman’s body. This enables him to create pieces which reflect utter femininity, grace and elegance. He has a penchant for good fabric and realizes the importance of a reliable, available and affordable cloth in designing basic clothing. He has a way of incorporating practicality with grandeur, a unique manner of mixing the modern designs with glamorous history-inspired haute couture.

I believe that Mr. Mizrahi will gain a great deal of knowledge on his apprenticeship with your fashion house. Working under the best fashion designers in New York has been his dream. Taking him under your wing will greatly improve his skills in fashion design, both inbred and acquired. Likewise, your fashion house will earn an apprentice with limitless potential.


Mona Arci

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