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General CV Letter

Date: 1th Feb, 2002.

Jenny Trever,
Director of Finance,
777 Range Road, NW 25252,
(914) 4640123.

Dear Mr. Trever,

I have read with great interest the advertisement posted on regarding the vacancy in your company. With confidence, I have written this letter to express my inclination towards the job. I hope that your company will consider my humble qualifications.

As specified in my resume, I graduated from Yale University with a degree in Management. Throughout the years, I have also accumulated work experience with prominent companies. These experiences hone my skills in leadership, relating with co-workers, planning, executing, forming strategies, and the likes. I have been commended with merits for my excellent managerial works.

I see your company as the new platform that would propel my career. I am delighted to see the growth that happened within your institution for the last decade.

I look forward to sitting in an interview with you to discuss my resume in detail. Please feel free to contact my through my cellular phone number or through my email address.

I know that you are considering other applications as well. Hence, I thank you for taking the time to read my letter and my resume.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Smith

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