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Funny Resignation Letter

Dear Boss,

It is with great pleasure that I formally tender my resignation effective today.

Thank you for the salary I received, even though I ought to have received the salary of 3 employees, I am still grateful. At least I was able to make rent, feed my 3 kids and buy myself a couple of Aspirins whenever my joints ache from all the physical work you order me to do. Next time, please consider hiring an individual programmer, janitor, and accountant separately because frankly, those 3 jobs cannot be done by one person in an 8-hour shift.

As much as I would like to work and stay with the company, some sense have luckily been knocked into me, and I have realized that with the talent and diligence I have, I can get a job that’ll pay more and find a boss that’ll treat me humanely.

By the way, I’m offering my advance congratulations if you are able to find someone to replace me who’ll do all three jobs at the same or even lower pay. I’m not overestimating you. I just know it’s not beneath you.

Sincerely (Truly),

Ms. Abused

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