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Funny Holiday Letter

Charles Davis,

123, Baldwin Park


Dear Charles,

Hi Charles, how are you? I hope that you are enjoying your holiday. I still remember when we together used to enjoy our vacation during our childhood. I hope that you have left all your childhood naughtiness. I still remember your flirting with girls on the street and also that incident when were whistle a beautiful girl and got the result. Really, that was amazing outcome of your effort.

I hope that this time you are not breaking anyone’s car like you used to do during your every holiday. Holiday and you do not empty beer bottle it is just impossible for you. How can I forget that incident? When you drunk five bottles of beer in the bar and had no money in the purse to clear the bills, as a result you had to clear the bills washing bar glasses.

I wish that this holiday also brings some amazing moments in your life.

Thank You,



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