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Bruce Jackson,

Clean Detergent Materials Pvt. Ltd.,

New York 565506


Tracey Roy,

Technical Materials Lab,

New York 565226

Dear Madam,

I am Bruce Jackson from Clean Detergent Materials Pvt. Ltd. having manufacturing unit at 404 Avenue, New York.  We are delighted to inform you that your office can collect free sample for your testing purpose and/or research-based projects.  We make sure that on a given date, as you specify, your office mates can easily collect free sample without any waiting period.

I assume that your person will bring in required identification proof to ease off any hindrance to execute the process.  Any more quantity than specified already would require clear instructions from your office immediately to process it within same time.

We here at our office will certainly be looking out for your office person to visit and get it collected sooner.  Any further communication needs to be made with us; we are open and happy to address that along with any issues coming in within our frame.  Your response appreciated.

Yours Truly,

Bruce Jackson

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