Apology Letters

Formal Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Chandler,

Sir, I would like to send to you my sincere apology for losing our bid against the other company in line with our services offered. I know how much you want this project and I gave my best shot to win the bid unfortunately it was not enough.

I really feel that the failure of our bid is attributable to me and that the only time to feel good again is to ask for an apology. During the bidding process I thought we are going to win it and I took my time not knowing that our rival company had prepared something during the lunch time. I feel that it’s my fault why we lost our bid to this big project.

I do hope that you would accept my apology and I promise not to take things for granted again and instead give the entire best to win all our biddings for more projects.

Sincerely yours,

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