Follow Up Letters

Follow Up Letter Format


Name [Write the name of the recipient]

Designation [The designation of the recipient needs to be written]

Address [Mention the complete address of the recipient]

City/State [Write down the name of the city/state]

Date [The date on which the letter is being sent needs to be mentioned here]

Subject: [Write a relevant subject mentioning the purpose of writing the letter]

Dear/Respected Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. ______________ [Write the name of the recipient or address him/ her with Sir/ Ma’am]

First paragraph: [The first paragraph would include some information related to the earlier correspondence.]

Second paragraph: [In the second paragraph the sender may include details on how he was entertained during his earlier correspondence. If the time committed for reverting back has exceeded then he might include some note of complaint stating he hasn’t received any reply]

Third paragraph: [This paragraph would include the conclusion and request for quick response]

Yours sincerely,

Name [Sender’s name]

Address [The address of the sender]

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