Request letters


Joseph Miller,

University of Dallas

October 29, 2000

Ms. Sharon Turner,

146-90, Sector B,

Westman Street,

Dallas, UK

Dear Ms. Turner,

This is an intimation from the University that the semester mark list has been dispatched. If not reached it is advised that you communicate at the earliest to the in charge regarding the issue.

This letter is also a reminder that you have not paid your semester fees yet. The last date for the payment has been extended to November 10 2000. It is recommended that you clear your dues by that date. Failure of which will only result in your hall ticket not being issued. Hence we request you to kindly arrange for a payment at the earliest possible time.

Thanks and regards,

Joseph Miller,



2 replies on “FEE REQUEST LETTER”

I am searching for a letter pertaining to “request for information” from a hosptal from insurance carrier or vs versa. Could you write one for me or tell me where to go.

I am searching a letter that enqurie about memory improve course such as a fee and dates and methodes of course.

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