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Tucson High School

432 E, Drachmann

Tucson, AZ


Will Smith

Green County School

465 C, Drachmann

Seattle, WA 65789


Fax no#: 345698757

Dear Mr. Will Smith:

This is to bring your kind attention towards the annual function that is going to be held in our Tucson high school. There will also be inter school competitions held on the same day. I request you to inform your school students for the same and allow them to take part in the competitions, there will be word spell competition held at the international level. Thus, many students from outside the country will be taking part. Apart from that we will be conducting music, debate and essay writing competitions at the inter school level. I’ll fax the circular along with this letter; make sure it has reached your students. Make the gathering a gracious one by your presence. All are welcome.

Yours faithfully


(Principal, Tucson High school)

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