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Date: 4 April 2009

John Smith


Apple Day Care Center

7120 Greenwood Ave.

Beltville, MD 21000
(914) 555-2909

Dear Dr. Smith:


I learned from Professor Willis that you are currently in need of a day care teacher, and I am very much interested with this position.  I was a volunteer and student intern for your school during my first few years in college. You may want to check on the reviews and assessments under my supervisor then, Professor White from the Guidance department. I would very much like to be qualified for this position.

I have designed and implemented different learning programs and interventions for average children, gifted children as well as mentally advanced children. In fact, my college thesis dealt on the comparison of the affectivity of different interventions for children. Suggestions on how they can be modified to make them more effective were the added to the conclusion of this study. A copy of my resume is attached for your perusal. More details about my skills and capabilities are included.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.


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Jack Thomas

Enclosure Resume.

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