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Fax cover letter template word

Sample Fax cover letter template word

Diana Merchant

43/56, Down street

Phoenix, AZ 678987


Juana agrieas

CEO, CD Paper mart & co.

345 C, Wall Street

Seattle, WA


Dear Ms Juana agrieas:

I the under signed am an information technologist, and am proposing a business solution. The proposal is in the form of a PPT presentation. From the statistics gathered I have come to know that your industry is lagging behind in software systems used for decision making, as this is the right time for me to propose the solution I request you to kindly go through the rough estimation of using DSS. The decision support systems available in our company are affordable to use with no extra costs. I can offer you the Nero CD toolkit at a very low price compared to the market price. This kit will scan the CD’s, increase the transfer rate from the buffer of the CD and can monitor it 24/7. Kindly go through the estimations and oblige.

Yours sincerely

Diana Merchant

(MIS Merchandiser)

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