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John Smith

Warner Bros,

300 Boylston,

Seattle, WA 98102


Mr. John Brown


Warner Bros,

421 E Drachmann,

Tucson, AZ- 85705


Fax no #:  125673486

Dear Mr John Brown:

I the undersigned would like to bring your kind attention towards the new union formed in the company. The union leader is here to represent his team, a group of protestors protesting for the salary hike in the company. They are demanding an increase in their payment for working 11 hours a day instead of the usual 9 hours. Moreover the new project will consume 12 hours of the worker’s day, so a salary hike is necessary. The union is ready to leave the job in mass if their needs are not met. The company should look forward to their needs immediately for retaining the human resource which otherwise would be a great loss to the company.

Sincerely yours

John Smith

(Business Development Manager)

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