Invitation Letters

Farewell Party Invitation Letter


William Johns,

Fireworks Safety Co.,

New Jersey 07770


Halley Brock,

New Jersey 07880

Dear Mrs. Halley,

I am glad, at some time, to invite you for your farewell party which is being organized on Wednesday, 30th March of 2011, and at other times being sad because we all will miss your company for a long time now.  I will certainly miss your talk, sincerity, humbleness, etc., which I, as a managing director, and all your colleagues have admired for many long years now and will continue to do so without your presence in our office.

Remembrance of our great time with many colleagues makes a family rather than just a company in itself.  We, at our office, will successfully achieve one more time in this farewell party which will bring joy, happiness, etc.

I would certainly wish that you excel in your career and personal life with major achievements.   Hope, you make your presence felt very soon during that day and will make it possible for us to have a chance to make it big day for you.

Yours Sincerely,

William Johns

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