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Employment Letter Template

Dear Sir;

I would like to inform you of my intention to apply in your company as a Graphic Artist. I came to know your need in this job position in the newspaper. It is my desire to be a part of a prestigious company like yours and I believe that this is the opportunity.

I am Arnold Claves. I am a graduate of Missouri College with a degree of Bachelor of Arts Major in Graphic Designs. I have been part of several big graphic designing projects and been employed in some popular graphic companies. During those employments I gained experience, knowledge and skills in graphic designing either manually or computer assisted.

At work I consistently show utmost regard to clients’ preferences and respect toward my employer. I always see to it that everything is done on or before the deadline and that it is made in my best ability.

Attached here is my resume for your preference. I am hoping for your preferential attention in this matter. Thank you.


Mr. Arnold Claves

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