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July 07, 2009

Dr. Michael Bryant
Principal, Lion Heart Primary School
1205 Beulah Road
Vienna, VA 22182

Dear Dr. Bryant:

I sincerely enjoyed our conversation on the last Child Educational Convention. This letter is a response to the Second Grade Teacher position we discussed at the seminar. I will be completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education at Virginia College in August of 2009, and will be available for employment at that time.

The teacher preparation program at Virginia College taught and trained us in developing lesson plans on a wide range of topics in different levels of learning ability. We were also trained special interventions for emotionally and physically challenged students. I have practiced different classroom management techniques. I have also offered efficient assistance during in-service sessions for different academic subjects.

Through my educational curriculum in Virginia College, I have managed different classes from various areas which have different student needs and focus. Details on these are available in the attached copy of my curriculum vitae.

I look forward to putting my knowledge, skills and experience into practice in the public school system. I plan to call you on Monday to verify appointment for interview. I can be reached before then at (540) 555-0000. Thank you for your consideration.

(handwritten signature)
Jack Knids

Enclosure Resume.

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